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port authority police officer in new york and new jersey, buried 13 hours in the world trade center. i want everybody to understand i came from a different country and i love this country i served the military and came out and became a cop. what i want everybody to know and want president obama to know, i feel like our country is divided. we need to come together as one. i get to talk to kids. the lady, the mother of that evil kid that shot those kids should have had enough common sense to think, hey, you know what i should be a responsible gun owner and take these guns and lock them out. out of the house and what i want people to remember is our flag is made out of the blood of patriots, do not give up your rights because when you give up your rights you're going to fight with blood to get the rights back. and that second amendment has given us every other amendment and as a sportsman, as a cop, guns are not the problem. we need to become a better country, need to become better parents and responsible. if we're responsible americans, human beings with
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our case, this country with be greater. >> i want to apologize we didn't get to hear from everybody tonight. i promise we will bring you back. it's sad a lot of media outlets won't give bh >> this one just gets weirder, folks. there are new details about manti ta'o's story. >> why me? why them? >> he can't find the time or money to visit her before she dies. >> i have questions. they're not why. just what it would be like? i wonder if it would be like if she stood here. >> he's a kid. he makes mistakes.
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>> we do not all make up people, go on national television, tell stories about them and tell that story and perpetuate it, after we learn it's a hoax. >> notre dame better hope that all he was was stupid and not complicity. >> the last thing she said to me was i love you. >> if you are the council, you measure years -- >> shovel readies was not as shovel ready as we expected. >> the officials are downplaying the fact that they have not met in a year, saying that the president has found a lot of other ways to have outreach to business leaders. >> white house officials are now saying that president obama is receiving regular updates on the situation, which remain, as you say, ongoing and sensitive. >> this is an act of terror. the perpetrators are the terrorists. >> counter terrorism officials we have spoken to in the last 24
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hours say they have never seen a more hazy situation. >> i think after the failures of benghazi, you are seeing al qaeda, splipters of al qaeda rearing their ugly head in northern africa, where that will be the new front in the war on terrorism. >> the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. >> terrorists should be on notice that they will find no sanctuary, no refuge, not in algeria, not in north africa, not anywhere. >> all that and much more coming up. but first, manti ta'o's other girlfriend, living and breathing. tmz posting photos with a girl he started dated shortly after the death of his fake girlfriend. dating her two months before breaking up with her. that's not all. tmz just found out. mike walters has the latest. nice to see you. what a story, right?
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>> reporter: yeah. thanks for having me, greta. this story is getting bigger and more unbelievable as it goes on. >> tmz spoke to a witness? >> reporter: that's right. basically what happened is a couple of people who were fans of notre dame, one being a booster that i spoke with, got involved on twit wer this fake girlfriend and the fake girlfriend's sister who then passed away and during the time that they talked, she set up a meeting where she would go meet with the sister after the death and kind of give her condolences. guess what? when she showed up, the gentleman who's largely been blamed, showed up. we have a photograph on our web site of them at the game. i will tell you, greta, i just got off the phone with people very, very close to him and advising him on how to deal with the situation. he was want involved in the hoax. i am telling that you after working on the story several days and talking to a lot of
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people. this kid was naive. he was involved with the girl online. he started talking to her. he talked to her on the phone eye know it sounds weird that he didn't have any physical contact or web chat with her. but i can tell you, his reaction now is honest and genuine, coming from people very close with him. he was not involved in this hoax. he didn't know about it. >> by who -- you mean ta'o was not involved, not the friend who set up the imaginary girlfriend. right? >> reporter: that's right. i mean, from ta'o, people are calling into question, how do you know not about this? now do you have a relationship for over a year with a young lady in challenge that have you never seen nor interacted with in person. people can't believe, this was such a great story in the heisman campaign, where his grandmother and his girlfriend died the same day and the next
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saturday, he crushes everybody on the football field t. skyrockets him to become a top level in the heisman chase -- people started to question whether he knew about the hoax and used it to propel himself. i i can tell you, it is absolutely not true. i just don't see t. i have talked to a lot of people. but there is one thing. there is a gentleman that is going to have to deal with this. the guy who got on line and faked he was somebody else and got this all star in their community in trouble, i think is going to have to pay. i bet this kid is torn apart by what happened. >> i'm curious, though odecember 6, manti learns about this -- that it was a hoax. two days later, the heisman day, is that he was still carrying the theme forward. was it that he didn't know how to back out of it? why was he running with the ball, so to speak, two days later? >> reporter: that's a good question. i am being told, you are right
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on december 6, he found out about it. he got a phone call from the number he had been talking to the girlfriend on, obviously shocked by that, told has advisers at school. they started to talk about it. he figured out, this was one of the biggest football players in the country. his team was undefeated, going into a championship football game. he decided, i am going to let this slide buzz i don't want to have a distraction for my team. it's not fair. he felt embarrassed. this is the kind of thing that he didn't want to let out there right before the last two weeks and the big game of his career of his life so far. a lot of people i talked to on the football team said, look, this was the right thing to do and the nice thing to do for the rest of the team so the whole time during the game, this wasn't the headline and the distraction for everybody. instead, them playing football was the story. >> all right. the guy who is behind the hoax -- any sort of reflection or thoughts on why.
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was this -- this was an idea that really blew up in his face, a hoax that may have sounded like a good idea and turned out to be a disaster? was there a sinister reason? monetary? why the hoax? >> reporter: well, what i know so far, greta, it looks like this thing is kind of the new-age social media prank. there is even a tv show called catfish where they do this and they film it. it sounds like a sick, sick joke that went way too far and targeted a naive, gullible person, a football player. in his personal life, he's quiet, he's religious, sheltered-type person in high school and college. and fell for the trick. i can tell you that ronaiah has been in hiding. there have been news trucks out in front of his house. people are waiting for him to
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comment. but so far manti has not said this is the guy,im angry. i am really pissed off. that hasn't happened. but i think we will probably hear from this guy. if you don't know them, very famous football family in the united states. several family members in the nfl and coaches of major football teams. this has to be very embarrassing for them. i think in their community, they are going to figure out how to come forward to the public. >> i do know one thing, next two day, i am going to because i know you are all over this. >> reporter: i come to fox. [laughter] >> all right. always nice to see you, thank you. >> reporter: see you, greta. >> now to the mystery woman who had her identity stolen in this elaborate hoax. "inside edition" getting exclusive video of diane omere athe face of manti's fake girlfriend. she doesn't even know him. how did sheen up in photos as the so-called girlfriend?
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she went to school with the man behind the hoax. we are learned more about that alleged mastermind, host of "college football today." tim, i understand the man whined the folks made a phone call to someone at his church, right? >> reporter: that's what we are hearing. this is as difficult a story as i have ever had to decipher in 30-flus years of coming athletics. based on what you just heard a moment ago from the gentleman from tmz, this may be what our modern-day internet athletesalcy sculpture is all about, but we are still on the learning curve. i think that at this stage, as we move forward, this should be more about what the future holds who are being targeted. it doesn't matter whether you are a football player or just someone who is success envelope any profession, you are going to be a target at this stage. i don't think there is any doubt
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about that. >> all right. you met manti te'o on december 8. what was your impression of him? >> >> reporter: very good. everything i thought his pre-advertisements were all about. just a yes, sir/no, sir individual. the finalists all came to the studio on the heisman trophy day. the question was asked by my -- my colleague spencer tillman of him, about the situation with the grandmother and his girlfriend. i will tell you, his body language at the time -- now that i have looked back at the tape was a bit indifferent. i did not notice it, obviously, until i went back and looked at the tape. he was maybe not the heisman runnerup, but he won six other major award, including the lombardi award in character and discipline comes into play with many of these awards.
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i think it is incumbent upon him as soon as possible to speak up, not wait necessarily for the nfl draft and to be vetted by the general managers because, yes, he's going to be a first-round draft pick. i think there are a lot of concerns from those people -- the governing bodies of those particular awards and their trusts with regard to what he did or didn't know after he got that call on december 6. >> apparently, he knew it two days before he met him, maybe i am in the minority, but he's only 22. you know, if he knew something about it, that was really stupid. if he got duped, that was pretty stupid. but he is only 22. let him come out, make a statement. get an interview by someone and move o. give him a break. he's just 22. >> reporter: i am right there with you. i have a daughter that's 22 years of age. i understand whatt can happen. anybody in our culture who is successful is what the rest of the country wants to bring down.
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we live in a world where good is bad and bad is good. i think that manti te'ono, if anything is guilty of naivete. beyond that, it becomes okay, once you did be and you understood what was at stake financially, that's where the question comes into play. it's a little bit like that theory of the last investors into the bernie madoff ponzi scheme. if it was just about embarrass scpment you couldn't go there, tell us that. i think most of america could understand that. but until he does it, i think his cume is going to continue to fall. he needs to answer what the athletic director said; that is, tell his story. the athletic director has put notre dame on the hook with him. they're all in. it's time that manti te'o come forward. >> once he does and we hear it and talk about it, let's leave him alone alone and we will move on as well.
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>> reporter: you bet, greta. >> no one wants to hear from mant iste'o as much as the notre dame student president. he says, when manti speaks the campus will stop and listen. good evening. tell me, what was your thought when you heard this news? >> thanks for having me on. i was shocked and confused. i kept reading the article on deadspine spin and trying to see what happened in the story. a the love student his more questions than answers. a lot of students started to speculate on what happened. fortunately, for us, our athletic director had the press conference wednesday night, where a lot of our questions were answered. we have some questions. but when manti comes forward with his side of the story, i wonk we will hear the final answers. >> are the students rallying around him? or are they more scandalized and
10:15 pm
putting him off to the side? >> yeah. right now, i would say, the majority of students are behind manti and believing he was a recommend of this cruel hoax. that being said, students have a few questions. but they believe when manti comes forward and speaks, he will be able to answer those and we will be able to keep our full faith in him. >> i'll tell you the one thing i thought was peculiar is that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend on the internet that have you never met. is that peculiar to you? or is that standard operating procedure? you can have a boyfriend or girlfriend on the internet in college and never meet the person? >> yeah. i think it will be interesting to hear manti's point of view. with my generation, a lot of relationships are started on the internet. i don't think it's that out of the ordinary to meet a girl online. >> but at some point, you would want to see the person, meet the person? i would assume? i can see being introduced and
10:16 pm
communicating on the internet, but after a year, you might want to see the person. >> yeah, exactly. it will be interesting to hear manti's part of the story. obviously, he had to be in south bend, doing training, especially in the summer. but i will be interested to hear his side of the story. >> i am interested as l. i hope that, as i said earlier to our other guests, once we have all heard it, we move on. 22 seems old to you. but to pretty much everybody else who has been there, it's young. anyway -- and you can have some bad judgment, too. thank you, sir. >> thanks so much, greta. >> okay. do you think the story could get any wilder? tell us what you think and vote in our gretawire poa. do you think manti te'o will speak out in the next week? load up and vote. and now, to the great state of wisconsin... who could forget the storming of the state capitol over the collective
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bargaining fight? two years ago. today, a federal appeals court upholding scott walker's controversial new law that provoked that protest, stripping most public workers of most of their collective bargaining rights. the u.s. court of appeal, finding the law is constitutional and its ban is acceptable on union dues. seven unions challenged the law. governor walker issued a statement tonight, calling the ruling a victory for wisconsin taxpayers. straight ahead, live to algeria where news is breaking. one american confirmed dead, the others still hostage. we will have a live report. and hear from the hostages who made it out alive -- they all have not. the plot thickens. the fashion mogul's plane really crash? or it was hijacked? is he still alive? thrs there are new clues and i'ver a live report from venezuela. big news from the world-famous
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>> this is a fox news alert. one american is now confirmed dead in algeria, he's frederick botuchio of texas, a natural gas complex under siege by islamics. >> and reported that he died of a heart attack. tonight there is limited good news, some u.s. and european citizens who were agreed are now on their way home. >> very, very relieved.
10:22 pm
obviously, and-- what's happening, but i couldn't say, so, as much as i'd like to be home and our thoughts are with.... >> i feel safe, i feel safe at the moment, but won't feel until i'm back in the u.k. >> greta: the latest on the ongoing hostage standoff. we go to algeria. this is so confusing, the reports out of algeria. can you tell me he what is going on at this natural gas site now? >> the algerian security forces are surrounding group of terrorists, and the number is around ten or 11. and now, there are thinking maybe 30 hostages, most of them americans, norwegians, japanese and french. and the algerian security
10:23 pm
forces are talking with them, to stop the-- the operation and free the hostages peacefully, with the peaceful way, otherwise algerian security forces are thinking of different options, not using the violence and now the negotiations are going on between the algerian government and countries of the hostages to take the necessary time and be patient in order to escape from, or approach a solution which can be very bad news for the hostages and families. >> greta: all right. 24 hours ago when we spoke, the hostages-- i mean, the terrorists wanted to take the hostages and take them to libya. is that still their demand or has the demand changed? >> well, they have other demands now, they ask to free sheik abdel-rahman in jail in
10:24 pm
the united states from the '90s and the militant in the-- in the united states. of course, the american government said no, the algerian government said no, no way, just free the hostages and there is no, nothing else. that's why the situation is very-- >> very tense. >> yes, that's right. very tense, yes. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> and militants have reportedly offered to trade the two american hostages as he just said for terrorists jailed in the u.s. states department spokesperson victoria newland saying the u.s. does not negotiate with terrorists. what should president obama be doing. former ambassador john bolton and many nationalities are held hostage there, but there are americans. >> well, i think the hostages latest offer to get some of the terrorists we've still got in jail out, shows that america's really still the center of this, but there are
10:25 pm
much broader implications here than just what happens in this hostage negotiation. the algerians have already botched it in my view by the way they've handled it over the last three days. all we can do at this point is hope that the remaining hostages get out and that in fact they're still alive and not already dead. the real point here is that this terrorist attack shows the continuing threat across north africa of al-qaeda, and al-qaeda affiliates. so the most important thing to do is reorient our policy and wake up to the fact that the war on terror is not over. >> greta: well, and i guess we've got to get out of denial. the president said back last fall that al-qaeda was on hits heels or something, that's simply not true. tell that to the american hostages tonight, four of them, family members, but if you say the algerians have botched this we now have a situation now, what do we do in light of the fact that al-qaeda is alive and well, they've got americans. we've got algerians who
10:26 pm
botched it. what can we do, wait it out? >> i think at this point the foreign governments have largely been excluded and this was a big issue in the united kingdom, for example, they apparently were not told at all that the algerian military was going in. i think for the algerians, their priority making sure that people believed that oil and natural gas drilling was still safe in eastern algeria. so, i think we're going to have to play this out. it's not a satisfactory answer, but the real question is, what are we going to do about the broader threat of al-qaeda and islamic. >> and you said what was apparently one of the provocations was the french and the algerians, let the french use their air space to go to mali and attack rebels there. i'm curious, is this a change in the french. are the french getting more involved in the war. >> these are french colonies and this is what they do in former french kohl list. >> greta: this is as aggressive i've seen the
10:27 pm
french do. >> the government in mali was about to fall to the terrorists, from their perspective i think they're probably a little late to the game, but i think that this operation against this natural gas drilling facility, obviously, was planned well in advance of the french operation in mali. >> greta: you think that it's not-- >> this is a huge hostage taking operation hundreds of algerians, along with several does foreigners, this is critical to algeria's economy. so the terrorists again, against the background of a 20-year long struggle against islamists by the algerian government. there's a lot going on here that shows, i think, the strength, the base of support al-qaeda and other terrorists are going to have. >> greta: and it's no secret this was a foreign target with bp, british. and the terrorists knew exactly what they were doing. >> exactly. >> greta: ambassador, nice to
10:28 pm
see you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: the sicyanide poisoning of a lotteries winner and his body was exhumed. and ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. officeyour business needs...k... at prices that keep you...out of the red. this week get a bonus $15 itunes gift card with any qualifying $75 ink purchase. find thousands of big deals now... at officemax.
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>> new intrigue in the
10:32 pm
mysterious disappearance of a fashion mogul's plane. two weeks ago today, the plane carrying vittorio missoni and several others, there's news of calls from several passengers phone after the disappearance. is there some thought by some it wasn't a crash, but rather a hijacking and kidnapping? >> absolutely, that's one of theories that some people have, we spoke last week about the fact that a text message was received by the son of a couple on the plane, from his father's phone two days after the plane went missing. well, now that's not the only anomaly with the mobile phones. the other couple not mr. missoni, but his friends and another couple had cell phones and appears they were making phone calls from their phones several hours after the plane went missing and not only that, but when their relatives tried to call the phones at first, they appeared
10:33 pm
to be switched off, the phone calls weren't going through. but then, a day later, phone calls were going through to one of the phones, the phone was ringing something like ten times, suggesting that it was within cell phone range, that it had been perhaps switched back on or it had moved position to be back within cell phone range. so lots of speculation about those anomalies with those phone calls, that couldn't suggest that in actual fact that the passengers on the plane are still alive. >> all right, is hijacking and kidnapping, does that happen ever in that area of the world, hijacking of planes and kidnapping? here, there's also no ransom call, right? >> right, we haven't had any information about a ransom. i mean, kidnapping in, you know, sort of on land, as it were, carjacking, that's very common in venezuela. in terms of doing it to somebody's plane, that's fairly unheard of, but you know, there are lots of drug trafficking routes, a lot of traffic in the area who use
10:34 pm
small planes, so it's not impossible that something along those lines that planes could have been disappeared or mixed up in that kind of business because that happens a lot in venezuela, also. >> greta: well, those telephone anomalies are very bizarre and hopefully we learn more soon again. sarah, thank you. >> thank you. >> now, to big news in another mystery that's gripping the nation, the cyanide poisoning of a million dollar lottery winner. today, six months after the chicago man's death his body was exhumed and after an autopsy was performed, the chief medical examiner answering questions about why the cyanide was not detected sooner. >> the cyanide that's been detected from gastric contents or from blood. being that no autopsy was performed and wasn't exposure to smells, it's not that you smell walking by a body that
10:35 pm
has cyanide inside of it. since there wasn't an initial autopsy, there wouldn't that much to smell with an external examination. >> did the forensic office miss something. dr. michael baden joins us. >> hi, how are you, intriguing mystery. >> greta: if you exhume a body six months later, is there a way to determine if the cyanide was ingested, inhaled-- and that might be the way for your investigation who might have done something. >> the important thing here is to find if there is cyanide in the food that was collected from the stomach. if he died because he swallowed the cyanide, then it would have to be in the stomach contents i'm sure they're going to examine. the thing about it though, is usually we identify possible cyanide poisoning by the color of the body. normally, when we die, the settling of the blood is a
10:36 pm
blueish color. in cyanide, cyanide poisoning, it's a scarlet red so that if he had died of cyanide poisoning, it should have been a cyanide, a red color to the body different than all the other bodies in the morgue at that time. can you tell stomach contents? the description was by the medical examininger, advanced decomposition, are the stomach contents still sufficiently intact so you can make analysis. >> yes he, the stomach content stays pretty good even if the bodies, the tissues of the body are deteriorating and decomposing. stomach contents have been recovered from egyptians 2000 years ago. the body is skeletonized, but there's still, the last meal is still in the stomach. so, the stomach contents stay pretty good once we die. all digestion stops. >> greta: all right, no autopsy hereof this man at the
10:37 pm
get-go six months ago. why not? >> well, they had a rule whi which-- not the a universal rule they didn't do autopsies after 45 years of age unless there was suspicion, but above 45 years of age we would get a lot of overdose suicides and occasional poisoning, after all, chicago had the seven cyanide poisonings of tylenol in the 1980's. so, they're aware of the possibility. and we had just recently, greta, on arizona, in an arizona courtroom the defendant took cyanide on camera and within a minute or two he was lying there lifeless, on camera and that's how quickly cyanide acts. in this situation, so far, we've been told in the newspapers there was a three or four hour delay between dinner and his dying. if that's true, that would not be related to the dinner.
10:38 pm
>> greta: would that be he inhaled it then or it was injected, is that the more likely-- >> inhalation is fumigation. cyanide was used widely in the 20's and 30's in fumigation, killing rodents and rats like a gas bomb in the house or something. >> greta: but not anymore. >> not now. he would not have inhaled it unless it was something going on in his dry cleaning establishments where he used cyanide, which is very unlikely, but then he would have died in the cleaning store, not in his apartment. so, what we're talking about here is eating it. >> greta: dr. baden, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: and the case of a pastor accused of murdering his two former wives. that's right,'s a pastor and two former wives. and he took the witness stand. does he regret that now. and the newspaper is taking heat for publishing the gun
10:39 pm
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>> it's the map that everyone has been talking about for weeks, gun makers, lawmakers, burglars, and everybody has an opinion about the interactive map identifying gun owners and the journal news coming under criticism, even posting armed guards in response to threats. they're reporting they're removing the map from the website and the publisher janet hassan says it's not because of the critics or threats. why the change of hearts, she writes in part, the data base has been published for 27 days, and it will become jut dated and inaccurate and the journal news keeps a snapshot of the map on the website. did they do the right thing, go to and tell us, we're back in two
10:42 pm
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>> a vicious attack caught on camera. a man throws a woman onto the subway tracks. it happened in philadelphia and police say the woman was sitting on a bench when the man asked for a light for a cigarette. suddenly the man grabs the woman and punches her and gets worse, drags her by her feet and throws her onto the tracks and the woman managed to climb back on to the platform before the train came. and she was not seriously hurt. and police arrested the suspect. they don't think he knew the victim. and a pennsylvania pastor accused of not murdering one wife, but two wives. he came under suspicion in 2008. the man committed suicide in his office, the man discovered he was having an extramarital affair with his wife, the church secretary. and the first was found in a pool of blood at the bottom of
10:45 pm
the stairs in 1999 and the seconds in a car accident in '08 or so they thought. they thought the car was a coverup for murder and right now he's on trial for the second murder. today the pastor taking the stand in his own defense. joining us are defense lawyers, ted williams and bernie. bernie, first do you, do you think he regrets taking the stand, the pastor tonight? >> in a homicide case you never ever ever ever, i don't know if i'm clear, ever want to call your client. you have to be losing the case so bad at that point that it's the last ditch effort. i don't know if he regrets having the clients on the stand and get off and almost relieved you know what at least i got on the stand and told my story. the way it came out he got caught up and jammed up in very, very bad stuff. >> greta: ted? >> i'm like bernie, never want to put your client on the stand, but this guy may very well have helped himself today on the stand because clearly, what i found troubling is that he was on trial for killing his second wife, but they allowed the judge did,
10:46 pm
apparently, a lot of testimony to come in concerning the killing of his first wife. and as a result of that. >> greta: that hurts. that hurts. no defense lawyers wants that. >> and greta would go ouch, that really hurts because clearly, the jury can infer if you killed-- if you're on trial for your first wife at some stage and apparently may have killed this woman here. but in him taking the stand, i understand he was calm, he was methodical, he tried his best to explain what happened. but, boy, his explanation was i'm driving her to the hospital. a deer crossed in front of me, i he swerved, and there's light damage, but there's severe trauma to her head. that's hard to overcome. >> sure, he's going to be good. he's a pastor, and gives a pitch to the congregation, and this guy had me. he had practice at doing this before. the whole deer thing and that, the circumstantial case, but gets worse when you have situations like that. >> greta: and first of all, standing trial for one murder
10:47 pm
and the jury hears about the second murder and hear he's a cheater not going to like him. and it's-- when-- >> and they had additional evidence where there was blood in the garage, and it appears as though someone tried to clean it up. now the pastor tried to clean it up saying, hey, my wife was cut and bleeding, at one stage or another, and the problem is, they cremated this woman one day after this murder and that makes it very difficult-- >> or accidentally death. >> not on cremated he's the one pulling the plug on her the day before. so, i mean, if you ask henry lee or michael baden, tell you staged scenes are the best ones when you're prosecuting leaves too much evidence and too much is unexplained. they go into a guardrail and she's got blunt force trauma to the head and air bag doesn't come out and happened to have the seat belt off because it made her jaw more comfortable. >> and the other wife happened to die suspiciously.
10:48 pm
we'll find out what happens when we get the verdict. gentlemen, thank you. straight ahead president obama's jobs council hitting a milestone, is this milestone going to embarrass the president. and the [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg and more interior room than corolla and civic and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation, and other handy stuff? yeah, that woulde cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169 per month lease on a new nissan sentra, plus $500 holiday bonus cash. ♪
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>> kim kardashian, larry king and manti te'o, they all made tonight's list of our favorite tweets of the day. first kim kardashian tweeting, just got a call from my mom telling about a prank call that someone was shot in the home and 15 s.w.a.t. team and three helicopters showed up. that's some prank. more than a dozen cops with machine guns showing up at the door of the jenner-kardashian house and police told them they'd gotten a 911 call claiming someone was shot inside the house, turns out it was a hoax and kendall jenner instagraming the photo of her dad with the cops and more manti mania, the sports center, new pic of manti te'o's girlfriend. a photo of a shaower with no one in it. and larry king is it in a
10:53 pm
twitter war, someone laura tweeting f-you, larry. and larry tweeting back, double ditto, laura. and a jab at the senate, the last time the senate passed a budget, the ipad did not exist. okay, that was a long time ago. and former senator fred thompson tweeting, due to flu, a soccer league banned high-five, frustrating the one time we're allowed to use your hands. what are your favorite tweets of the day and who caught your attention on twitter. contact me, hashtag greta. they'll pop the campaign cork, not yet, not like the president is bragging about this for sure, the president's job council, one year without an official meeting. that's right, 12.2 million americans without jobs and why haven't they met since 2012? and where are they? >> because it was mostly for
10:54 pm
show, i think, that's the answer to the question. and the president actually created something like the jobs council when he first took office in 2009, renamed 2011, they met four times in 2011. have never done much of anything. and they've disagreed a lot. a lot of labor leaders and company owners, and never agreed what to do anyway and the astonishing thing is that now, when you hear people talking about president obama's second term. you know, what are the top agenda items for the second term? it's immigration, it's gun control, it's winning the fiscal cliff battle, it's climate change. nobody mentions jobs. the unemployment rate is 7.8% today, which is exactly the same as it was in january, 2009, when obama was inaugurated. >> how do you get on the nonmeeting jobs council to begin with? i don't know, in washington a lot of photo ops and people
10:55 pm
get put on the boards, i mean, these councils and stuff and i don't know what we get out of them. >> i don't think that anybody hoped they would get out of it. it's carefully bipartisan and a number of people from both parties, labor, there was management and they were never going to agree on anything, they didn't have any power to do anything, so, they came up with 60 recommendations to help increase employment across the country, and then they stopped meeting and actually it was kind of embarrassing, a report in politico they had not met for six months, last summer they had not met for six months, in the middle of the campaign and mitt romney was hammering barack obama every day on the issue of jobs, turns out his jobs council hadn't met for six months, well, now it's been a year. >> greta: one year, no jobs council meeting. i guess that's the end of the jobs council. >> i don't see it coming back. >> greta: thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up have you heard about the big plan for monday's inauguration? did you hear that barack obama will throw teddy bears into the crowd and tap dancing and
10:56 pm
juggling routines? rrrrrrr ♪
10:57 pm
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i got this snapshot thin from progressive, plugged it into my car, and got a discount just for being the good driver i've always been. i'm just out here, snap-shooting it forward. you don't want to have to pay for other people's bad driving, do you? no. with progressive snapshot, you don't have to. i'm going to snap it right now. bam, there it is. goes underneath your dash. keep safe, and keep saving. you know, i won't always be around to save you money. that's why you should get snapshot from progressive. all right, dude! thanks! to the safe go the savings. >> greta: president obama's inauguration is getting mixed reviews. wait a minute, it hasn't happened yet. that didn't stop people from telling jimmy kimmel what they thought. >> what did you think of the inauguration yesterday? it was awesome. you know? part of history. nice to see him up there getting a se

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